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Tip: There are too may options for home security in today's market as there is too many options for vandalism to pay us a visit in today's world, so the fact that you can have a security cameras systems in place it will help preventing vandalism from happening. Get your home security system now, and gain peace of mind.

Home Security

There is not only web 2.0 but Home Security 2.0 as well. In today’s New American homes you will find Alarm Systems or at least house pre-wired for an alarm system, but the monitoring service will work as long as you remember to activate it before you leave home. In other words it gives you the flexibility to activate your monitoring system when you decide, giving you the control over it. Now, what happens if you forget to activate your alarm system? In this case let’s hope and pray that no unwanted visit will occur. Well, we are living on a daily changing technology and in this case it offer us the new Home Security 2.0. 

The alarm company in the market, currently are offering wired alarm systems that are telephone-based to consoles from your home sensors to the receivers located at their locations, once a class gets broken or the sensor detects an intruder this cicuit will dial from the home alarm system to the monitor console center, and an operator will notify you and the authorities if necessary.
The new 2.0 alarm systems will use the same pattern of funcionality just throught different media. The control panel located in your home will talk to all the devices in the alarm circuit including security video ip cameras and sensors and send a alert via Wi-Fi to all the attached command centers such like your cellphone, monitor command center of the monitoring provider and web-enabled space for future reference, utilizing your broadband connection or celullar network, allowing you to access this occurences via web-enabled devices, such as cellphones, desktops, laptops and PDAs.
It could get very interesting and complex when you decide to have digital video added to your package, because if any sensor get activated, let's say the side door gets open at 7:15pm on Friday evening while you are out for dinner, you and the authorities will be notify immediately, you can even get it via sms message to your cellphone. Then you could access the secured web space to check out what happened, if so; then more if you have a pan-tilt based security camera you could zoom in to view realtime.  
This new home security 2.0 are capable of a lot more features, like cooling down your AC before you make it home turn ON or OFF your security flood lights, to the point that you could program this remote monitoring control system, react just about anything.  

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Home Security


Choose Your Home Security Companies Carefully 
Home security is needed whether it is an alarm system or monitoring from home security companies. According to the FBI, in 2007, approximately 2,179,140 burglaries occurred in the U.S. Of these, 67.9% were burglaries of residences. Approximately 900,000 homes were forcibly entered, 479,000 without force, and 96,000 were attempted forcible entries. The average amount lost in each burglary was $1991.00.

Before deciding to choose a home security company, there are things you need to realize. Many home security companies will install a security system in your home but their goal is to sell you a contract for monitoring that system. These contracts are 36-60 months in length and cost $19.99 to $39.99 a month on average. Some companies give the home security alarm system for free in exchange for a long term monitoring contract. The home security companies then monitor the system and respond to any alarms quickly, by contacting you or by notifying the police or fire departments.

To choose the right company do some research on your own. First look for recommendations from other homeowners, friends and neighbors. Then personally interview some of the companies in your area. Ask for a brochure of the various plans they offer including: what alarm system they use, how much of the home is protected (one door or two, windows, etc…), and what does the monitoring cover. You should interview 3-5 home security companies before deciding.

Get a free home estimate, if available. There can be many hidden costs involved or charges for additional services not discussed. Then ask any questions you may have of the managers of the home security companies. Ask about the installation personnel who will install your system. Are they subcontracted or fulltime? How are they trained? What is their background? What is their job experience? Ask to see proof of the installer’s qualifications.

If the home security companies have security personnel ask if these use weapons. Are they trained in firearms? What is their background? Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions your family’s safety is at stake.


Finally, when you are deciding between home security companies don’t base your decision on cost. You get what you pay for so don’t choose the cheapest, or for that matter, the most expensive. Choose the most qualified. If you did your homework then you should know who meets your needs best.  
Your SmartHomeDiscounts Team.

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