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Tip: There are too may options for home security in today's market as there is too many options for vandalism to pay us a visit in today's world, so the fact that you can have a security cameras systems in place it will help preventing vandalism from happening. Get your home security system now, and gain peace of mind.

X10 Automation ProductsSmartHome Automation Devices

Take control of your Smart Home, by automating the lights and appliances. You can control them from remotes, table-top controllers, or macros defined on your computer.

X10: RF Super Transceiver Module
RR501 is a high-range transceiver, converting RF signals from the remotes into X10 signals
X10: 5-in-1 Platinum Remote
UR73A is a 5-in-1 Remote, capable of controlling your TV, home theater AND your lights
X10: Decorator 3-Way Dimmer Switch
WS12A is the 3-way capable dimmer switch, which can be controlled with X10 signals
X10: ActiveEye Wireless Motion Sensor
ActiveEye is an advanced motion sensor, which can command a series of X10 devices
X10 Security SystemsSmartHome Security Products

X10 offers you the easiest way to build a pretty complex security system, which can call you when something goes wrong.

X10: 7 Pcs. Protector Plus Security System
The Protector Plus is a 7 pieces set including everything you need for a basic security system
X10: Keychain Security Remote
The Keychain Security Remote gives you full control over your security system.
X10 CamerasSmartHome Cameras

Monitoring your house and surroundings is easy with the X10 small cameras, which can transmit wireless video to your TV.

X10: XCam2 InstantON WideEye (XM13A)
XCam InstantON is a "wide-eye" camera sending a wireless video feed to your computer
X10: NightWatch2 B/W Surveillance Camera
NightWatch2 is the new black&white surveillance camera that sees in the dark
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