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Tip: There are too may options for home security in today's market as there is too many options for vandalism to pay us a visit in today's world, so the fact that you can have a security cameras systems in place it will help preventing vandalism from happening. Get your home security system now, and gain peace of mind.

X10 Computer InterfacesSmartHome Computer Controllers

Wouldn't it feel cool to be able to control your lights and appliances from your computer? You can even gain secure access from the Internet!

X10: ActiveHome Kit - 6 pcs
ActiveHome is the premier X10 computer interface, which can fully automate the entire home
X10: FireCracker Kit - 4 pcs.
Firecracker is a simple serial interface which lets you control the lights from your PC
X10 Motion SensorsSmartHome Motion Sensors

The motion sensors can turn on the lights when you enter the bathroom at night, or save you energy since most of them are also a dusk&dawn detector.

X10: ActiveEye Wireless Motion Sensor
ActiveEye is an advanced motion sensor, which can command a series of X10 devices
X10: Floodlight w/ Motion Monitor
PR511 is an outdoor motion & light sensor mounted on a floodlight which can access 8 devices
X10 ControllersSmart Home Controllers

You can control your X10 devices from many table-top controllers, phone interfaces and timers.

The MT10 Mini-Timer can handle 4 timers to your wake-up, sleep and other programs
X10: 8 Unit Mini-Controller
The 8 Unit Mini-Controller controls up to 8 different groups of X10 compatible receivers
X10 RemotesSmartHome Remotes

Your electric systems can be conveniently controlled with a big variety of remotes.

X10: Palm Pad Remote
HR12A is a basic remote which can control all the switches and modules in the house
X10: Credit Card Keychain Remote
KR22A is a credit-card sized keychain remote which can automate your coming home programs
X10 Appliance and Lamp ModulesSmartHome Modules

You need modules to X10-enable your floor lamps, appliances, air conditioner, etc.

X10: Socket Rocket
Socket Rocket is an X10-controllable bulb socket with very easy programming
X10: Appliance Module - 3 Prong Grounded
The Appliance Module can control radios, fans, AC, holiday lights and more
X10 Dimmer SwitchesSmartHome Light Switches

With little effort you can automate any light switch, and it becomes a dimmer too!

X10: Decorator 3-Way Dimmer Switch
WS12A is the 3-way capable dimmer switch, which can be controlled with X10 signals
X10: SlimLine Wireless Wall Switch
SS13A is a slim wireless switch which can control up to 3 devices, with dimming
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